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American Service Companies is in the process of setting up offerings in residential and commercial service franchises with a twist. They are employee owned and operated companies. Moving, automotive, cleaning, painting, and even holiday decoration services. ASC is working on a combination of traditional and seasonal service companies.


American Moving & Storage Companies

Our heavier hitting options come from the moving industry. We have a few successful names on the books. Check out Altitude Movers DenverStallion Moving Services and DieHard Movers. We have a new brand in the works… Move Hero

American Auto Repair Mechanics

American Auto Repair Mechanics is being structured to offer affordable franchises in the automotive service industry. Servicing gas, diesel, domestic, and most foreign vehicles. Denver Auto Repair Mechanics and Mobile Mechanic Denver will be our first branches.

American Painting Service Companies

American Painting Service Companies is being built to offer affordable and effective franchises for the home and office painting needs of residential and commercial clients. Denver Painting Service Company will be our first branch to be launched, soon shortly after by a branch in New York.

American Cleaning Service Company

American Cleaning Service Company offers tailored cleaning service franchises for residential and commercial clientele. We operate with simple systems and effective marketing strategies that will help you dominate your area. Our first project was a major success in the Denver market. 

American Holiday Lighting & Decoration Services

Still in it’s development mode, American Holiday Decorations is a Christmas and holiday decorations service. This can be an add-on or standalone business. We offer this with both options as it is a great compliment to other seasonal businesses. Take a look at Christmas Lighting Colorado for an example of a basic setup.

American Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of accounting. Any many bookkeepers specialize merely in bookkeeping rather than get involved in taxes and auditing. Bookkeeping is also a ‘subscription’ or recurring revenue business model, focused around financial management and optimization. Making it appealing to many as a small business.

American Accounting & Tax Services

American Accounting & Tax Services is a premium accounting service that has been streamlined to offer fast and efficient service. Our process is built to help you at any stage of your company financial cycle.

More Coming Soon!

While we would like to be able to offer more services, they take time to develop! We hope to be able to offer more opportunities soon, including real estate, landscaping, remodeling, and more.

American Service Companies

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A Shot At The American Dream 

We started in a tough industry based in a highly competitive market. Our Founder learned fast that high quality marketing and simple but effective systems were a make or break point for any business looking to achieve longevity. Especially for those that rely heavily on a constant flow of new business, such as local service companies.

Beginning with the goal of producing a brand that people can love and a plan to grow with, we progressed to revising, editing and refining our systems to ease the daily operation and allow for managing technicians to do more of what they believe can help their brand. The foundation laid is simple, strong, and effective.

When we looked at a number of franchises for competitive research, we found many franchisees complaining that they have a lack of ongoing support that they would consider highly important to drive progress and further success. We have created options to allow for different different levels of support, so that if you want an upgrade from our already advanced team, you will have it quickly and affordably whether it’s marketing, .

We’ve come up with a process that will minimize your ramping up phase to allow you to be making revenue and turning a profit faster than most. We guarantee it. With our launch process, you will see your business blossom quickly and steadily, only growing in time.

Companies we have helped develop have been nominated for and won multiple awards for different services. Some are top sellers on major local and national platforms, while most will come out of the box with certifications, accreditation, and other memberships to put you in a position to succeed.

We’ve been developing businesses for years, let us put this expertise to work for you. We look forward to achieving further success together while helping to develop your dream business.

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