About American Service Companies

Our Team & Vision

Learn more about American Service Companies and determine if we could be a good fit. We offer a variety of options for ambitious individuals to make the jump into entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Our Approach

We realize that not all people fit in boxes, we’re not cats after all. So we offer a unique approach to allowing individuals to become business owners. We have a few prepackaged options ready to go with all systems, steps, branding, marketing, and more. We also offer you the option to name your own terms! To be clear, that doesn’t mean we’ll accept those terms, but it will allow us to look at your ideas and see if we can find a way to make it work if it’s reasonable.

Our Story

American Service Companies was literally dreamed up. Our founder woke up in the middle of the night from a dream and realized what has become ASC. Having built multiple successful local service businesses, it seemed only fitting to begin the journey of creating brands and a path to sell more than just services, but the concept itself as well. Ever since, we’ve slowly made way toward building a brighter future. It’s our belief that hard work and dedication will win almost every time. We have made our company operational systems easy to understand and execute, effective to accomplish the task at hand, maintain relevant details all while leaving a smile on your customers face.